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DON BOSCO SCHOOL aims at the all – round formation of the students. While students are helped to understand, appreciate and live their faith, every student receives training in habits of study, discipline, self-reliance and moral values so as to become worthy citizens of our country.

DON BOSCO SCHOOL, Khorhatoli, Kokar, Ranchi is an English Medium Catholic School for both boys and girls, owned and run by the Salesians of DON BOSCO of the province of New Delhi. It is an unaided minority Christian School open to all communities with a special responsibility for the education of Christians, tribals and the economically and socially weaker sections of society.

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Our Vision and Methodology

  • The Vision of Don Bosco School

    At Don Bosco School, Ranchi, we aim to guide our students to become fully integrated and aware persons, endowed with intellectual, moral, emotional, aesthetic, physical and social skills enabling them to become responsible citizens and response-able persons able to triumph over the challenges of our era.
  • The Methodology of the school

    With its motto ‘Ever More and Better Ever’, Don Bosco School, Ranchi, seeks to form in the minds of the students the habits of piety, pursuit of virtue, knowledge, discipline, self-reliance and hard work using the system of education handed down to us by Don Bosco himself.

Don Bosco System of Education


Childhood is a time to aspire, experience, learn and make sense of the world. Don Bosco School recognizes the uniqueness of each child. We welcome the children and treasure them for who they are. As our children engage with life’s joys and complexities, they gain confidence, feel valued and develop aspirations...

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Achieving is integral to human existence. Children first learn to aspire. As they journey through Don Bosco School, they develop superior ability and with guided effort and warm enveloping environment they develop skills within and beyond classroom which marks the beginning of achievement for them...

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Children’s identities, knowledge, understanding, capacities, skills and relationships change during childhood. They are shaped by many different events and circumstances. At Don Bosco School, ‘Ascend’ reflects the process of rapid and significant change that occurs in children as they learn and grow...

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